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As a children’s book writer and illustrator, it goes without saying that I love working for and with children. I have been doing workshops and events for children for over 10 years. I offer a range of fun and creative workshops for children of different ages. They are great for schools, libraries, shopping centres, bookshops, pubs, festivals or private parties to let children explore their creative side while having fun and staying active through interactive plays, dances and songs.

My workshops always have a theme, so any special day like Easter or animals like dinosaurs or unicorns are perfect excuses for me to dress up and entertain the children! I incorporate various interactive elements or sensory toys into my workshops to keep the children engaged and provide a fun environment where they can express themselves freely.

Any parents who would like to join alongside their little ones, are more than welcome to, in fact, encouraged to! I also offer workshops and events for just adults that are equally fun and creative.


My recent collaborations include Livat Ikea Hammersmith, Fulham Palace, Picked Pepper Books, Junction 32, Hammersmith Library, Wimbledon Library, People's Park Tavern and many more.


You can find some of the workshops or activities I offer below. Please get in touch with me at for more information and prices.



Would you like to wear a fancy red artist beret and experience painting a canvas with the guidance of a professional artist? Look no further! I offer painting workshops where I teach the basics of acrylic paint and how to use the tools while guiding the participants so they can come up with the best or funniest paintings they can. This is a very entertaining and creative workshop for both parents and children. It is perfect for beginners and parents who want to uncover their children's talents and passion for art!


This is the perfect mixture of interactive storytelling and arts and crafts. In Story & Art Workshops, children create their own storybooks with my guidance and arts & crafts materials. These workshops are very creative and energetic filled with interactive games, dances and songs.


Arts & Crafts Workshops always have a theme that children like such as mermaids, dinosaurs or unicorns. I wear a fun costume according to the theme and guide the children to create and have fun. At the end of the workshop, children will go home with amazing and colourful creations they can be proud of!


Do you have a very special day or event coming up and you need creative and and fun entertainment? Well, please reach out to me as I also do Birthday Parties & Private Events. I am happy to adjust the structure of the workshop/event according to your needs.


I also offer various other workshops and events in addition to the above. I provide all the materials for the workshops, so you don’t need to worry about that. The duration and structure of the workshops can be adapted according to your needs or if you want to set a specific focus. Please get in touch to ask for more information on these as well as the other workshops that I can offer.