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The Wall of Flowers is an interactive art installation by Gizem Gozde Ucar.


The living art piece represents our dreams, aspirations, and ideas as blooming flowers in our minds. Inspired by this concept, I created The Wall of Flowers to illustrate that despite our diverse backgrounds, ages, and experiences, we are united in our dreams and can flourish together.

The art piece starts with a blank white surface. Participants are invited to write their dreams on the centre of the flowers and attach them to the wall. As the day progresses, what starts as a simple, blank surface transforms into a vibrant and dynamic collage of dream-filled flowers. Each flower represents an individual’s hopes, ambitions, and visions for the future, coming together to create a rich mosaic of shared human experience.

This evolving display not only captivates visually but also highlights a deep sense of community. It brings people together, allowing them to witness and contribute to a collective expression of dreams. The diverse array of dreams showcases the unique aspirations of each participant while underscoring the common thread of hope that unites us all.

The Wall of Flowers will serve as a source of inspiration for children and adults alike, encouraging them to visualise and work towards their desired futures.

Please contact me at to host the Wall of Flowers and inspire people of all ages and backgrounds.


The Wall of Flowers was featured in the Hammersmith Summer Street Festival. The interactive art installation was accompanied by a flower-making workshop, where festival attendees had the opportunity to create their own paper flowers. Participants were encouraged to write their dreams and aspirations on these handmade flowers before attaching them to the wall.


As part of the art installation, I created handmade flower crowns to raise money for charity. These flowers represent the blossoming ideas as depicted in my initial sketches.

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