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Litera, 2024


I was a guest artist at Litera, Macedonian international children's literature and illustration festival. 


I had a solo exhibition, held a masterclass for students, and a workshop for children. I was a guest on a live TV show, I appeared on the Macedional national radio, MRT, and gave numerous interviews to news agencies and newspapers to promote the festival and talk about my art and the events I will be doing at the festival.

I had a solo exhibition at Litera 2024 where a selection of my works spanning over the years were exhibited at the Skopje Youth Cultural Center. The exhibition also included illustrations from my books: "There is Something on My Mind!", "Kara Tina", "City of No Sky".

I held a masterclass for university students where I talked about my art and how we are connected through stories. The masterclass also included an art installation with red threads to demonstrate the power of stories. The students interacted with the red threads that had prompts attached to them and learned how to build up a story and a picturebook from an idea. After they interacted with red threads and prompts, I held a workshop where I guided the students as they turned their ideas or stories into artworks.


I also held a workshop for children where I did a reading from my latest book "I Have Something On My Mind!" After the reading part, we all did a drawing from the book with my guidance.

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