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Hi! My name is Gizem Gözde Uçar. I am a children’s book author and illustrator based in London. I was born in 1990 in Istanbul, Turkey. I double majored in Literature and International Relations at Koc University. Drawing, making up stories, creating imaginary worlds have always been my passion. If you don’t believe me you can ask my imaginary friends!

I have illustrated many children’s books and picture books for various publishing houses, wrote and illustrated stories for magazines and apps and was part of great exhibitions.


The first picture book I wrote and illustrated, “Kara Tina” was published in November 2020 and after a couple of months of its publication, it reached 10.000 copies.

My second picture book "Aklimda Bir Sey Var!" was published in 2024 and the illustrations from the book were exhibited at international exhibitions and festivals including "Litera" in Skopje, North Macedonia, "Asian Festival of Children's Festival" in Singapore and "Ilustrofest" in Belgrade, Serbia.

Meeting with children and seeing how much they laugh at the story is the best part of what I do! I feel so lucky to be able combine my two passions in a job. I go, play with children and have fun, make up stories and I am called a professional! Isn’t it amazing!


I love doing author/illustrator meet ups, events, readings and workshops. I am also passionate about causes for children. I have been volunteering for over 10 years, teaching underprivileged kids arts and literature, drawing murals for children’s hospitals and schools and doing many workshops.

I established my workshop called “Story Workshop”. It is the perfect mixture of interactive storytelling and arts and crafts. I now continue my workshops in libraries and schools of London.

Gizem Workshop 1
Gizem Gözde Uçar çocukluk

I get inspired by pretty much everything! The little fun stories from the daily lives of children, the colours of nature, amazing London architecture, the incredible life of animals, and the vast patterns of Anatolian art are some of the things that move my pen and brush.

Nowadays I am chasing squirrels in the park for a sketch, making up stories and turning them into my next picture book and having deep conversations about why the owl says "who" with 5-year-olds I meet in my art workshops.

Here is the undisputed proof
that I was born to create picture books!

Aklımda Bir Şey Var!, Yapı Kredi, Turkey, 2024
Kara Tina, Altın Kitaplar, Turkey, 2020



Ilustrofest, Belgrade, Serbia, 2024

Olio 19, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, 2024

AFCC BIG (Asian Festival of Children's Content - Book Illustration Gallery), Singapore, Singapore, 2024

Ramstore Mall, Skopje, North Macedonia, 2024

Litera 2024, Skopje, North Macedonia, 2024

Ilustradays, Athens, Greece, 2024

SCBWI British Isles, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2023

Yo Illo, London, United Kingdom, 2023

Candid Art, London, United Kingdom, 2023

Ilustrofest, Belgrade, Serbia, 2023

Yee London, London, United Kingdom, 2023

The Marmara Pera Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2019

360 Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey, 2019

La Visione Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2018


Artworks selected to be exhibited at AFCC BIG, Singapore, Singapore, 2024

Selected to be exhibited at Ilustrofest, Belgrade, Serbia, 2023

Artworks selected to be exhibited and showcased as part of the panel "Standout Portfolio" at SCBWI British Isles, Manchester, United Kingdom, 2023


Tarhun, Samed Behrengi, Kırmızı Kedi, Turkey, 2023

Kel Güvercinci, Samed Behrengi, Kırmızı Kedi, Turkey, 2023

Orman Olmak, Bengisu Gencay, Uçan Fil, Turkey, 2022

Çıngıraklı Deve, Samed Behrengi, Kırmızı Kedi, Turkey, 2022

Harika Bir Başlangıç,  Annette Pehnt, Kırmı Kedi, Turkey, 2021

Hoppala Tumbala Cumbala Bütün Hayırlar Buraya, Ayiegül Kahvecioğlu, Ithaki, Turkey, 2021

Plastik Ada, Semra Günaydın Çınar, Kırmı Kedi, Turkey, 2021

Anlat Dede, Nehir Yarar, Elma, Turkey, 2020

Sevgi Masalı, Samed Behrengi, Kırmı Kedi, Turkey, 2020

Nohut Adam, Anıl Basılı, Timaş, Turkey, 2020

Bir Şeftali Bin Şeftali, Samed Behrengi, Kırmı Kedi, Turkey, 2020

Küçük Kara Balık, Samed Behrengi, Kırmı Kedi, Turkey, 2020

Çinide Canı Sıkılan Lale, Yurdanur Ay Paşa, ABM, Turkey, 2020


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